Vital Signs

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the scholarly publishing industry can make a huge impact on individuals, organizations, the research pipeline, and broader society.

Pressing forward with these efforts is taking many organizations into unknown territory. Even with robust C-level governance guiding positive initiatives, embedded biases persist throughout workplaces. The Workplace Equity Survey 2018, the first global DEI survey specific to the scholarly publishing industry, revealed that line-management practice defines individual experience, irrespective of company policy and programs. As a result, people are frequently uncomfortable speaking up about their own experiences and persistent problems. Too often, leadership gets caught in an echo chamber.

TBI Communications is offering VITAL SIGNS research to help leaders listen to employees’ authentic experiences, measure and improve the reach and efficacy of their DEI initiatives and programs, and pinpoint problems.


As vital signs measure essential functions to assess a person’s health, diagnose diseases, and promote recovery, our VITAL SIGNS research program offers diagnostic tools that measure many indicators of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Based on the 2018 Workplace Equity Survey, this customizable, modular survey will identify pain points across your organization. Whether you are defining new programs or assessing existing programs, our analysis will help leaders develop and fine-tune your DEI agenda.


  • Design your survey instrument with modules covering Work-life Balance, Career Breaks, Mentoring & Networking, attitudes and behaviors, role identification, and demographics. Bespoke options, to meet specific needs of your organization, are also available.
  • Receive a written analysis of your organization’s DEI health. You may also want to compare your data with the Workplace Equity Survey 2018 global results. Findings can be kept company confidential or shared more broadly with the community.
  • For those who want additional help with program design, modification, and implementation, TBI is offering an option to work with partner consultancies to support your DEI program roadmap.


TBI Communications manages survey deployment and analysis with Qualtrics. Employers have no direct access to response data. Results are anonymized in all reporting. Based in the UK, TBI follows all GDPR and UK Privacy laws and guidelines regarding personal data. When employees are confident their identity can’t be revealed, they are more likely to share experiences and perceptions.

Advance your organization as an inclusive and equitable workplace.
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