The American Physical Society


The American Physical Society (APS)

The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance the knowledge of physics. In 2023, APS commissioned TBI to develop a strategic review of the marketing needed to deliver a publication growth strategy, with a focus on the quality and effectiveness of existing author marketing, and opportunities to enhance performance while managing scale.

TBI were given access to a number of editorial and publishing strategy and submission data sources; existing campaign materials and performance data; and spent time reviewing the approach with the project team. TBI also created and analysed results from a community survey with over 4,000 Physics authors (existing APS authors and non-authors) to understand motivations and drivers for publishing and how APS is perceived against key competitors.

TBI developed a strategic marketing report and tactical plan, outlining the market and potential opportunities for growth; an audit of APS’s existing marketing and competitor activities; an analysis of how APS is perceived by the Physics community; and recommendations for marketing segmentation, channels, and tactics.

“TBI’s work has been extremely valuable in providing data that informs our publishing strategy. We have also completed a deeper data analysis on the market, which, combined with the author survey data from TBI, provides a complete picture to inform our growth plans. The timing of the audit and report is perfect as we plan our marketing for 2024 and are already incorporating the recommendations into our activities.”

Rachel Burley, Chief Publishing Officer, APS