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  • Technology for Marketing at Olympia

    TBI Communications’ Marketing Manager, Amy Card, and Marketing Assistant, Rowan Banham recently attended the Technology for Marketing trade show held at Olympia London. The show is aimed at business leaders looking for large-scale marketing solutions for their enterprise.

    A busy program of seminars throughout the day offered many insights into the latest trends in customer engagement, advertising technology and content marketing strategy.
    Danielle Woolley, Head of Customer Success at Adestra, confirmed our understanding based on results delivered for clients that, though there is a tendency to favour the latest new technologies, email continues to deliver the highest return on investment when compared with other marketing channels. Dani stressed the importance of keeping the focus on the customer when building an email marketing strategy; in order to add enough value to make them want to engage, email marketers need to understand where the customer is in the life cycle and personalise the message accordingly.

    A large proportion of seminars at the event focussed on marketing innovation and content marketing strategies. David Coombs, Head of Strategy and Planning at Cheil, presented some eye-opening findings about changes to the SEO landscape as more consumers adopt voice search through AI such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using these AI devices in a more conversational, human way has changed the way consumers search, adapting keywords to fit the conversational tone of voice search. Marketers will therefore have to adapt their content strategy to be discoverable using this new search method, and will have to develop strategies to optimise their searchability.

    Rowan and Amy also took the time to speak with numerous vendors in order to stay up to date on the variety of solutions available to our clients. At TBI Communications we regularly offer strategic consultancy and work to help our clients understand what may be the best software solution for their particular needs. Please contact us to find out more.
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