Silverchair is the leading independent platform partner for scholarly and professional publishers. Innovation is a core tenet of Silverchair’s vision as a trusted technology partner. In 2023, the scholarly communications industry – indeed the world at large –underwent an unprecedented period of change, with the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). In line with their transparent and collaborative approach to customer & community communication, Silverchair commissioned TBI to produce a white paper that could be released around the time of their Platform Strategies event in September 2023.

The goal of the white paper was to highlight what the potential impact of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) might be on the scholarly communications industry, in particular thinking about the current uses for AI, how to prepare, and how the Silverchair team is approaching this area of development. It was important to the team to centralise what publishers needed to know right now, as this remains a rapidly evolving topic. As a thought leader, the team also wanted to reinforce that there was no crystal ball to predict how generative AI’s uses might develop but to focus purely on the opportunities for collaboration and experimentation.

TBI undertook a series of interviews with experts within the Silverchair team, focusing on the product opportunities, long-term technology implications, and overall strategy for Silverchair with regard to generative AI and LLMs. After producing an initial outline of the white paper with feedback from the project team, TBI delivered a complete draft, which the Silverchair team then edited and designed in-house in just 8 weeks from brief to publication. The report immediately received an excellent response, with over 175 downloads in the first month after its release.

“Our team has been so busy ideating and experimenting with AI in conversation with our clients that it made it difficult to step back and summarize these thoughts and approaches for the wider benefit of our community. Enter TBI: they expertly gathered a survey of AI’s development, interviewed our team, and translated that all into a thoughtful and accessible overview of the space and our strategy in approaching it.” – Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, VP, Marketing