Marketing personas

At this year’s UKSG in Glasgow, TBI Communications will be holding a workshop on marketing personas: Tuesday lunchtime, 12.45 in Boisdale 2, Loch Suite.

You may wonder: why are we doing this, and how does it affect you?

When you think of the successful new businesses that have launched in recent times across a range of different sectors, the quality that unites them is that they have tapped into a customer need or solved a problem faced by a community, and they have done this by clearly understanding their potential audience.

At the other end of the spectrum, it doesn’t matter how successful and established a business is, if it loses sight of what it customer wants, it will fail, as a number of high-profile companies running into trouble over the last few years has shown us.

So if we can agree that understanding the customer is vitally important, how do we gain the level of insight needed to be successful? One proven way of doing so is to create a series of marketing personas.

The benefits of creating a persona are that they are easy to create, but provide deep insight into customer needs and behaviours that can inform not just your marketing strategy, but all other functions of the business such as product development and sales. One of the other key advantages of personas is that they can easily change and be adapted as your customers change. In a world where there is consistent pressure for your marketing to reach new audiences, the persona is an invaluable tool.

During our workshop, we will look at examples of personas from across a range of industries and how they can be related back to scholarly communications, as well as providing advice and guidance on how to go about building them, ensuring they are robust and useful.

If you’d like to take part in our workshop on Tuesday 10th April then please get in touch with Anne Stone.