Google Ads


The Google Ads Grant

The Google Ad Grants program is a unique initiative by Google that gives eligible non-profit organisations $10,000 a month to spend on Google Search Ads.

We find that our eligible clients often are neither aware of the program, nor have the in-house resources to launch and optimise a successful Google Ads campaign. That’s where TBI Communications comes in.

The impact

We’ve helped several clients to meet a wide range of objectives using Google Ads. To highlight just a few successes:

Our work with a medical journal (see results generated below) and a scientific society helped increase brand awareness, platform usage, content readership, and website traffic.


Results generated across several campaigns from December 2022 to date:

229,235 Impressions | 14,061 Clicks | $23,702.68 Grant Spend | 6.8% Avg. CTR


Our ongoing work with a publisher to market their annual congress has increased event awareness and influenced event registrations and submissions.

The process

Our team of experts work through several stages to plan, set up, manage, and report on each campaign.

Planning phase: we conduct thorough audience analysis and keyword research, optimise the landing page, and create a campaign plan that underpins objectives, budget, targeting, tracking and measurement. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide all ad assets.

Implementation phase: we set up and launch the campaign in the Google Ads platform.

Optimisation phase: we monitor performance and update throughout the duration of the campaign to maximise results.

Reporting phase: we provide a detailed report of campaign results, including recommendations on where to improve for future campaigns.

The report

The reporting phase is one of the most valuable to our clients and involves collating and analysing both platform data (i.e., impressions and clicks) and Google Analytics data (i.e., sessions). By evaluating data from these two sources, we generate a better understanding of the following:

  • How have Google Ads performed in comparison to other marketing channels?
    • Differences in performance by ad assets.
  • How are website users from Google Ads behaving on site (are they converting?).
    • Differences in behaviour by demographics.
  • What is the quality of website traffic received from Google Ads?

This data then informs a report covering key findings and actionable recommendations for future campaigns.

Need support?

You may be one of many non-profit organisations scratching their heads thinking ‘how did I not know about this sooner?’ and ‘what a missed opportunity!’. But it’s not too late – contact us to learn more about the Google Ad Grants program and how TBI can support you to achieve your goals.