Expanding presence and impact for major U.S Society

We’re excited to share news of our recent partnership with a major U.S. Society to expand their presence and impact in Europe.

Under this new agreement, we co-recruited and co-manage a dedicated member of staff on behalf of the Society, based in TBIʼs Oxford office in the UK. This new role oversees the expansion of the Society’s influence within Europe, working to increase engagement with decision makers and users of its products and services, partners, thought leaders, leading institutions, top corporations and government officials at both the member state and EU level across Europe.

We provide the U.S. Society with a local base, a dedicated member of staff, and the benefits of working within a team environment alongside our team with deep experience and knowledge of the scholarly communications market, and the opportunities for academic and professional societies more generally.

Our on the ground support for the Society has taken the headache out of employing a member of staff themselves with all the associated admin and costs of office space, local market taxation, employment law and so on. The TBI team is also giving the Society access to immediate and flexible additional resource as and when they need it.

If you’re considering options for expanding your Society’s presence in Europe, then please get in touch.